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Blackjack Switch Poker

This is a variation of blackjack that allows a player to trade their cards for two new ones. This is the kind of game blackjack players love. The player gets more control over their cards and some added advantage to play with. This is offset by the payment of blackjacks at 1:1 instead of 3:2.

Blackjack Switch table
A Blackjack Switch table.

To play Blackjack Switch, players play two hands and make two bets of equal amounts for each hand. The premise of this game is that the player may 'switch' the second cards of each hand, if desired.

When playing remember that the dealer must hit on a soft 17, blackjacks will pay only 1:1 (rather than the normal 3:2 because there are more possibilities to get a blackjack hand), doubling down and splits are allowed and a dealer's total of 22 will push a player's hand, but blackjack will still win.

There are two kinds of bets to make in Blackjack Switch - normal and "super match". The normal bet area is any of the two large areas and the Super Match bet is the small one. When you bet a normal bet, you are actually making two identical bets. When betting a Super Match, a player may bet higher or lower than the original bet. If you bet a Super Match bet you want to be get a pair or better from your first four cards.

Depending on the casino you may find these rules in addition to the ones above:

- cards are dealt face up
- six deck are used
- dealer hits on soft 17
- player may double on any two cards
- player may double after a split
- no re-splitting
- player blackjack beat a dealer 22
- dealer checks for blackjack and turns over cards
- eight decks instead of six
- player can re-split to four hands, not just two


The basic playing strategy for Blackjack Switch is slightly different from regular Blackjack. Below is a table to help you decide when to hit, stand, double or split.

Blackjack Switch Strategy Table
S - Stand
H - Hit
D - Double if allowed, otherwise hit (except stand on soft 18)
P - Split

Its usually quite obvious when you should switch. Remember, you'll want to switch to try to create the best poker hands you can.

For example: a player is dealt 2 separate hands with 2 identical bets - the player is allowed to switch the second cards around. For example, if a player is dealt A, 8 in the first hand and a 9, 10 in the second hand, the player can switch the 10 in the second hand with the 8 in the first hand to make 21 (blackjack) and 17.


The house advantage can vary from .05% to .2% depending on the rules played.