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Alchemist's Lab

You may not be able to turn lead into gold, but in the Alchemist's Lab, profitable times are brewing.

Online casino slots just got a whole lot better! Alchemist's Lab is a fun and easy to play 3 reel, one payline slot machine game. You've got your paytable visible at all times and keep you aware of your potential winnings. To play your only option is $1 coins, so this may not be the machine for you if you are playing on a limited budget.

Alchemist's Lab slot machine
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In many online casino slots games you select a coin denomination. This is where Alchemist's Lab differs. You're only option is 1$ coins. This helps simplify the game a bit. All you really need to worry about is how many of these 1$ coins you are going to wager. When you are ready to wager you can click the Bet One button to increase your wager one coin at a time. Click the Bet Two button to bet two coins. Hit the Bet Max button to wager the full amount allowed of three coins and the reels will spin automatically.

When the reels stop, if you have a winning combination you'll be paid according to the paytable at the top of the game.

Most quality slots games like this one have great support. If you need help at any time you can click the Help button to view the software help file. There is a chat function which you many use to communicate with the casino administration. Unfortunately, this isn't a mutli-player game, so you can't chat with other players. Click the Options button to view other game options. You can go back to the lobby by clicking the Lobby button as long as you are not in the middle of a game. Anytime you want to see a history of your game play, the software keeps track of dates, bets and wins. You can access this by clicking the History button on the right side of the screen.

This online casino slots game has no wild symbols and no scatter symbols, but if you get three books you are transported to a bonus round. You'll always end up with more coins than you've started with. You can get to the bonus round by playing the max number of coins, but it'll cost you $3 per round.

I like online casino slots that offer bonus games. Alchemist's Lab also has a bonus game. To get to the bonus game, you need to bet three book symbols. To play the bonus game you must choose from three bottles on the screen. If you select the right bottle, you will win according to your choice.

You'll be dropping more money here, but your payoffs are bigger, in return. With the max but the Alchemist's Lab pays off 10, 000 coins as its big jackpot.

If you're looking for a fun and quick way to turn some of your lead into gold, enter the Alchemist's Lab.

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