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Bermuda Triangle

It's well known that a lot of things have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Hit the right symbols in the Bermuda Triangle and maybe you won't lose your shirt too.

After you download your casino software you can start your journey through the Bermuda Triangle by choosing your coin denomination. You can choose as little as 5 cents or as much as 5 dollars. Just click the plus and minus signs on the lower left of your screen.

Bermuda Trianble slot machine
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Now you're ready play. Click Bet One to wager one coin. Each time you click the button your wager increases by one coin. Click Bet Max to bet the maximum allowed of five coins. When you do this you'll bet five coins on all paylines and the reels will spin for you automatically. If you bet less than the max you'll have to click the Spin button. You can also spin the reels by clicking the arm of the slot machine.

When the reels stop spinning you can check to see if you have a winning combination by looking at the winnings table at the top of the screen. If you have won, you'll be paid according to the table.

Line up three boats on any of the paylines and float home on your jackpot of up to 1000 coins depending on what line they show up on. Don't bet less than 5 coins per spin or you'll limit your winning opportunities and chance at the jackpot.

When you download your casino software, play this one first. The customize options really enhance the whole experience. Click the Options button to change things like the speed of the game or play in full screen mode if you like. There is a chat function on the bottom of the screen, but this is not a multi-player game, so chatting with your friends won't be happening. This is just for chatting with casino administration. This is slick and sophisticated casino software that I have had zero trouble with. But, if you do, you can click the Help button to view the casino software help file. You can go back to the lobby and choose another game if you like by clicking the Lobby button. Just make sure you're not in the middle of a game.

This is one of the most interesting online slots game you'll come across in any casino software package. The superstition surrounding the Bermuda Triangle is well translated into a slot machine incorporating images of sea creatures, lost boats and planes and eerie submarine sound effects.

The design of this slot machine will bring the feel of a real life casino to your desktop. The graphics and sounds are top notch. If you like slots, but don't like the whole casino atmosphere or just don't live near a casino, download and play Bermuda Triangle - it's the next best thing to being there.

The low jackpots are made up for with more frequent payouts. Is it not running fast enough? Hit the speed control and kick it up a notch! Don't steer clear of the Bermuda Triangle. You'll want to fly straight into this one.