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Captain's Treasure

Arrgh, matie! This is a multi line, five reel slots game that will soon have you looking for places to bury your own chest of coins. If you get four symbols in a line starting from the left or right they you are paid out according to the payout table. Just click the paytable button to see how you might fare, laddie!

Captain's Treasure slot machine
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Most single or multi reel slots games have similar play options. To play Captain's Treasure, you first need to choose the denomination of the coins you'll be playing with. To change your denomination simply click the + and - signs on the right side of your screen. Now you're ready to bet. Click the Bet One button to bet one coin - this also activates a payline. Each time you click Bet One this increases your wager by one coin and also activates additional paylines. Alternately, you may click the number of the payline you want and all the paylines below this will also be wagered. If you want to be the maximum allowed, just click the Bet Max button or click on the payline number 9 and every payline is selected. The reels will then spin automatically for you. If you didn't bet the max, you'll need to click the spin button.

When the reels stop spinning the game will check to see if you have a winning combination on any of the paylines you've wagered on. If you have a winning combination you'll be paid according to the paytable. You can see the paytable anytime by clicking the paytable button. Click it again to close or click the Close button. If you win on more than one pay line your total winnings will be added up.

When viewing the paytable you'll see that there is a certain number for every hit value for each symbol. What this means is that if you get, say four symbols starting on the left or right in a row, you need to read the number on that line and you'll receive your line bet times that number in winnings. If you get winning combinations on more that one line, you add them all to find out your winning amount. Remember the symbols have to be consecutive starting on the far right or far left of the reels. If you get five symbols all in a row, you will only be paid once.

We really like this multi reel slots game with its adjustable speed control, wild symbols and great sound effects! You just might feel like swabbin' the deck!

Many reel slots games have wild symbols, too. Captain's Treasure is no exception. The captain symbol is wild and can be used to complete any winning line of symbols. The treasure chest is a "scatter" symbol. If you get 2 to 5 of these symbols on your machine you are paid according to the payout schedule. The symbols must lie next to each other from the left or right and need not follow any payline.

So, hoist that anchor, raise the main sail and set course for Captain's Treasure. Ahoy!