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Casino Game Reviews:
Diamond Valley

Be sure to pack some water when you venture out to Diamond Valley. This is one of the best slots games you'll find with a five reel multi line game and a progressive jackpot, to boot! You enjoy the amazing graphics, bonus rounds and, of course, bigger jackpots!

Diamond Valley slot machine
Click here to play Diamond Valley now!

To play Diamond Valley click Bet One or Bet Max to choose the number of $1 coins you want to bet. Every click of the Bet One button increases your bet by one coin. Each coin you bet will activate another payline. This means that combinations on that line count. If you press Bet Max you'll increase your bet to the highest possible - five coins on five paylines. The reels will spin automatically for you.

If you didn't choose Bet Max, then click Spin to spin the reels. If a winning combination comes up, you'll be paid according to the paytable. You may click Paytable at any time to view payout information.

To play you must drop a minimum of $1 per play and are only eligible for the jackpot if you bet the maximum of five coins, one per line. There are no wild symbols, but there is a "scatter" symbol which gives you another way to win.

To be the best slots game you to have a progressive jackpot. To hit the progressive jackpot you must get five diamonds on the fifth payline. If you get five diamonds on any other payline you win a jackpot of $5000. To get into the bonus round you must hit three or more hand symbols on an active payline aligned from the left to right.

There's a reason Diamond Valley is one of the best slots games around - lots of options. There is a host of other buttons to help you with your game play as well. Click the history button to see game data including dates, wagers and the results of your previous plays. There is a chat feature, but it is not for chatting with other players, this chat lets you communicate with casino administration. There is not multi player mode. You can click the Help button to read the software help file and click options to get range of other options. The Lobby button will send you back to the lobby. Remember you can't exit if you are in the middle of a game.

The bonus round game is played by choosing from one of three people and selecting one of the items they are holding. You are then shown your prize and are returned to regular game play. The best slots games have bonus rounds.

If you like fast play, great graphics, big jackpots and the blazing hot sun, then you need to hop on the first bus to Diamond Valley! Best slots west of the Pecos!