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Fountain of Youth

Getting older is never much fun. If you find the Fortune of Youth, you can capture a little of the magic of your younger years - and a couple of bucks too!

Fountain of Youth slot machine
Click here to play Fountain of Youth now!

Anyone looking to play slots for the first time, should give this one a try. This Fountain of Youth slots game is a 3 reel online slots game with three pay lines. It has a maximum bet of three coins with coin denominations ranging from 5 cents to 5 dollars.

To get started you need to click on the plus or minus signs on bottom left of the machine to change your coin values. Once you've done this you can get going and place your wager.

Click the Bet One button to wager one coin at a time. You may also click the Bet Max button to bet the maximum of three coins. The reels will spin automatically for you when you click Bet Max. If you bet less than three coins, you'll need to click the Spin button to spin the reels, or click the slot machine arm on the left.

When the reels stop spinning you can compare the symbols that come up with the paytable at the top of the machine to see if you have a winning combination. If you do, you'll be paid accordingly. At all times you'll be able to see your remaining credits, won amounts and the coins currently being wagered.

When you play slots you find the game features can vary a lot. There are no wild symbols or scatter symbols. But hit any three symbols on a payline and you'll get a payout of four coins - just watch out for those annoying blank spaces that keep the casino in business and you'll do fine.

Everyone wants to play slots and win. To hit the jackpot of 800 coins you need to hit three fountain symbols on the third payline. Get three fountain symbols on line 2 and win 600 coins and line 1, win 400 coins.

At any time you can change various features of the software including things like games speed, full screen mode, audio options and more. Just click the Options button. If you need to chat with casino operators you can use the chat function on the bottom of the screen. This isn't a multi-player game so you won't be chatting with your buddies. This is the most trouble-free software I've ever seen, but if you do run into any problems click the Help button to view the software help file. If you need to get back to the beginning of the game, just click Lobby. You must not be in the middle of a game to exit back to the Lobby.

When I play slots, I like good graphics. This is definitely the prettiest slot machine I've had the pleasure to try. The wide range of coin denominations the simple game place have made this a favorite amongst online casino players worldwide.

The graphics and sound are amazing and players will enjoy the adjustable viewing angles. If you want to play slots and win with a simple slot machine with a few extra options and frequent payouts this is your machine. I know you'll feel younger after a visit to the Fountain of Youth.