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Casino Games Reviews:
Funky Monkey

The jungle has never been cooler than this. Put on your shades and slide on down to party with the Funky Monkey.

If you haven't guessed yet, we're talking about a slot machine game. The Funky Monkey is a three reel single payline standard slots game. Hit the right symbols and get paid out based on the posted paytable.

Funky Monkey slot machine
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To start getting busy with this slots game you first need to choose the denomination of the coins you plan to bet with. You can do this by clicking the plus and minus signs on the left side of the machine.

To start wagering you need to click the Bet One button to increase your bet one coin at a time. Click the Bet Max button to bet three coins, the maximum amount possible. The reels will spin automatically when you do this. If not, you'll need to click the Spin button or the slot machine arm to start the reels spinning.

When they've finished spinning you can check to see if you have a winning combination by looking up at the paytable at the top of the machine. The smallest winning combination, 'any 3X bar' means a bar symbol must appear on all three of the reels.

Get three bongos on a max bet and win the jack pot of 2500 coins. This is one simple, funky slots game that will have you playing for hours.

The game displays for you at all times, your bet, your winnings and the credits that you have remaining. This is especially important for all you speed freaks out there that like a fast game, but still need to keep a handle on how much you've won or lost.

I love the theme of this machine. The only thing I love better is the range of control players have over the game play and operation of the software. It's nice to keep a record of your game play and Funky Monkey does this too. Just click the History button to see a record of dates, amounts you have wagered and any winnings you have won. There is a chat function, but this is just for communicating with casino administration. This isn't a multi-player game, so chatting with your fellow slots players is out of the question. If you have any problems with the software you can click the Help button to access the software help file at any time. You can go back to the lobby by clicking the Lobby button, as long as you are not in the middle of game.

This is another hit from leading game designers, Playtech. Their commitment to quality casino entertainment is below none. The graphics sound and game play is the next best thing to playing an actual slot machine in a land based casino. The joy here is you can do this from your computer any time anywhere. It's no wonder this slot machine is a favorite among online slots players.

So, party with Funky Monkey, your bankroll will be glad you did!