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Casino Game Reviews:
Golden Tour

Forget the PGA Tour - golfing fans will want to play the Golden Tour. Do you have what it takes to beat golf? I know you have what it takes to beat slots. Golden Tour is a multi line 5 reel video slot machine that will appeal to golfing fans and non-golfing fans alike. The smooth graphics and high quality sound makes for an overall enjoyable time.

Golden Tour slot machine
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Yes, it is possible to beat slots. If you are just looking for smaller more frequent wins then this is your machine. The jackpots aren't huge, but you'll get paid out more often. Beat slots without beating your wallet!

To play you first need to choose the denomination of the coins you want to bet. You can do this by clicking on the plus and minus buttons on the right of the machine.

You can then click the Bet One button or the Bet Max button to select the number of coins and lines you want to wager on. You can also click the line number on the left side o f the reels. Every click on the Bet One button adds one more coin and line. To be the maximum permitted click the Bet Max button or click line 5 and choose all the paylines. For every line you select you bet one coin. The Bet Max option will also spin the reels for you automatically. You'll normally need to bet the max to beat slots games of any kind.

If you didn't bet the max, then you'll need to click the Spin button to spin the reels.

If you get a winning combination when the reels stop you'll be paid according to the Paytable. This can be accessed by clicking the paytable button. To close it, simply click Paytable again. If you win on more than one line at the same time, your winnings are totaled up.

The game also has scatter symbols. These are the gopher, duck and catfish. You will enter the bonus round if you can bet three of same symbol during a round of play appearing consecutively. They don't have to be on a payline and can be located anywhere on the reel.

When you play the bonus game you choose a driver and iron and a putter. Depending on which clubs you choose you will win a prize. If you get to the bonus round from four scatter symbols then your prize is 3 times the original amount. If you got the bonus with five scatter symbols your prize is 10 times the original amount.

In the bonus game, choose a driver, an iron and then a putter. You will win a prize based on these three clubs you choose. If you entered the bonus game with four scatter symbols and not just three, your prize is tripled. If you entered with five scatter symbols, your prize is multiplied by ten. Those who like to play fast will enjoy the fast play, but you can also adjust the speed with a built in speed control. There are wild symbols and a bonus game starts if you get three consecutive scatter symbols. Some find these scatter symbols harder to match than other games.

To beat slots all you need is some coin and courage. You can try golf, but I know you'll always comeback to Golden Tour.

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