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Casino Games Reviews:
Haunted House

Everyday is Halloween at the Haunted House! Just make sure you keep the lights on for this one! Online casino games just got a little scarier.

Haunted House is a multi pay line three reel online casino game that goes all the way with spooky images and sounds to give just about anyone a good fright. As you might expect the best image is the garlic clove. Get three garlic cloves in a row on the fifth payline and you'll be treated to a jackpot of 1800 coins. As a five line slot machine your jackpot depends on which line you get the three garlic cloves.

Haunted House slot machine
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If you're not too scared and want to start, you must first select your coin value. You can do this by clicking on the plus and minus symbols on the lower left of your screen. You can choose as little as 5 cents or as much as five dollars.

Now you are ready to do battle with the forces of darkness - or at least this slot machine. Click the Bet One button if you want to bet one coin at a time. You can wager a maximum of five coins. If you want to wager the highest amount possible, just click the Bet Max button and all the paylines will be selected for you and the reels will spin automatically. If you are betting less than the max you'll need to click the Spin button or click the arm of the slot machine.

The winnings table at the top of the machine will show you what winning combinations qualify for a payout. The garlic cloves also give you the most frequent payout. Get one or two on any payline and win two coins. Get one clove in the middle of the second reel and you get paid three times.

Online casinos that have downloadable software is much better than ones without. You'll really appreciate the quality of this casino game design and the level of control the player has over the software. A host of features is customizable by clicking on the Options button. You can change things like screen size, audio features and more. There is a chat area at the bottom, but you won't be able to chat with other players. This is just form communicating with casino administration. If you have any trouble with the software you can always take a look at the software help file by clicking on Help. I really like the History button that keeps track of your wagers, winnings and dates of play. As long as you are not in the middle of any casino game you can click the Lobby button to head back to the start of the gaming software.

I'm a horror movie fan, so naturally this is one of my favorite casino games. I don't really like to spend large amounts on my slots play so I really like the wide range of coin values. Although, I have been known to bet the max from time to time!

The well designed theme, many winning combinations and high enough jackpot will keep you in the Haunted House for hours. Just don't spend the night!