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Netptune's Kingdom

Dive to the deepest depths to discover Neptune's Kingdom. There you'll find untold riches awaiting you're arrival.

Neptune's Kingdom is a three reel, 5 pay line online slots game that offers smaller but more frequent payouts. You'll find this one in most virtual casinos. Always a good option for those playing with larger amounts. For those on a budget you can play for as little as 5 cents or as much as 5 dollars.

Neptune's Kingdom slot machine
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As with most slots games at virtual casino - y our journey begins by choosing the size of the coins you'd like to wager with. Click the plus and minus signs to adjust them to your preference. Now you're ready to bet.

When you click Bet One, your total wager increases by one. If you want to bet the highest amount possible you can wager up to five coins. A quick way to do this is by clicking Bet Max and the game will spin the reels for you automatically. If you don't bet the maximum amount you need to click the Spin button or click the arm of the slot machine on the right to start the reels spinning.

When they stop you can quickly check if you've won anything by comparing the symbols that come up with the paytable at the top of the machine. Jackpots aren't huge, but you'll find the payouts happen a little more often. Many virtual casinos offer games with higher jackpots, but you may have to pay more and wins may take longer to achieve.

Bet the max, get three treasure chests on the fifth payline and win 150 coins. This is one well-designed game with beautiful graphics and subtle sounds that won't distract you from your game.

You'll always know where you stand because your current bet, remaining credits and winning amounts are displayer right in front of you at all times.

Any quality virtual casino will have top quality support and options for their software. If you click the Options button at the bottom, you can adjust a number of game options like the speed of the game and viewing options like full screen mode. The game also keeps track of your playing history including when you play, how much you bet and how much you won. The chat bottom at the bottom makes this game look like a multi-player game, but it's really just for chatting with casino administration. If you want to play something else, just click Lobby to head back to the online casino lobby, as long as you aren't in the middle of a game.

When the virtual casino designers created Neptune's Kingdom, you can tell the thought of everything. This is among the most sophisticated software I've ever used and its no surprise that online gamers everywhere rave about it.

There is a fortune waiting for you beneath the sea. Journey to Neptune's Kingdom and claim your treasures today!