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Party Line

Where can you have more fun than at a party? Try the Party Line slot machine! Have a ball while you try your hand at 4000 coin jackpot. Where else can you play slots and have this much fun?

Party Line slot machine is a basic three reel slot machine. If you're on a budget you can play with coins as low as 5 cents. The paytable offers may chances to win and get any three drinks symbols to win 5 times your bet.

Party Line slot machine
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When you play party line you start by choosing which coin denomination you would like to play. Click the plus or minus sign on left of the machine to adjust your choice of coin value. You can choose anywhere from 5 cents to 5 dollars depending on your budget. Don't forget, to get that jackpot you'll need to bet the max.

After this you can choose your bet amount by clicking Bet One or Bet Max. Every click of Bet One will increase you bet by one coin. Click the Bet Max button to be the maximum wager of three coins. This will spin the reels for you automatically. If you bet less than the maximum you'll need to click the Spin button.

When the reels finish spinning check the paytable at the top of the machine to see if you have come up with a winning combination. Bet the max and get three party hats and you've just won the jackpot of 4000 coins!

One of the great benefits of playing online casinos that have their own software you can download is the range of gaming options and the quality of the software. The game keeps track of your play history including when you played, how much you won and how much you bet. Just click the History button to access this. You can change a lot of options of the game including things like game speed and full screen mode. Click Options to get to these. If you have any trouble with the software, click the Help button to view the software's help file. Useful, but you probably won't need it. There is a chat function, but this is solely for chatting with the casino operators. This slots game isn't a multi- player game so you can't chat with other slots players. Anyway, who wants to be distracting with pesky chatting friends, when you're trying to concentrate, right?

When you play slots online it's also nice to see a constant tally of your remaining credits, bet and winnings on the screen at all times. I played this machine a lot when I first started gambling online and it remains one of my favorites. The party theme just puts me in the mood to play slots.

This is one of your more basic slot machines that offers just about everything you need when you play slots including a speed control, good payouts and a range of coin denominations for every budget.

The graphics and sounds will definitely put you in the mood to party. So what are you waiting for? Time to get down, party and play slots with the Party Line slot machine.