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Rock 'N' Roller

Move over Elvis, the new king of rock 'n' roll is here. Play Rock 'N' Roller and you'll be dancing in your seat!

Rock 'N' Roller is a three reel, multi line slot machine the will make anyone a rock star. Although there is no wild symbol, there are some other options that online gamblers will like. There are three "any three" payouts in this game.

Rock 'N' Roller slot machine
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As with most online slots games you first need to decide what values your coins will be worth. You can choose as little as 5 cents and as much as 5 dollars. Click the + and - signs on the bottom left of the machine to adjust.

You may now wager by pressing the Bet One or Bet Max button. Each time you click the Bet One button you increase your wager by one coin. Click the Bet Max button and your wager increases to the max of five coins and the game will spin the reels for you. If you bet less than the max you need to click Spin or click the arm of the slot machine.

When the reels stop you'll quickly be able to tell if you have a winning combination by checking the winnings table at the top of the game. If you come up with a winner you'll be paid according to this table.

Hit any three blacks and get paid out two coins. That's right, get nothing and win something! Get any three instruments and win 5 coins. Get any three records and get paid 100 coins. All of these must be on a payline.

Don't forget to bet the max, so that every payline is activated. This is the way to win the Jackpot as well. Get three platinum records on a fifth payline and you've just won 500 coins. This can be as little as $25 or $2500 depending on the coin size you select. Online gamblers on a budget will like the fact that your coins can be anything from 5 cents up to 5 dollars.

You can setup this game anyway you like by adjust the available features by clicking the Options button. Here you can change things like the viewing mode, game speed and more. Don't try to chat with other online gamblers using the Chat box at the bottom - this is just for communicating with casino administration. The software runs as smooth as silk, but if you get stuck, click on the Help button to view the help file. When its time for a change you can click Lobby and head back to the casino lobby to try another game or exit. If you've been playing for free, you can click Play for Real Money in the bottom left to wager some real coin!

I admit it, I'm an Elvis fan - who isn't? This slot machine appealed to me right away. I'm also a bit of a "small time" online gambler so I don't mind the smaller jackpot and I love the smaller coin values.

You too can live the wild life of a Rock 'N' Roll star. Just play Rock 'N' Roller and you'll see what I mean!