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Sultan's Fortune

The Sultan's Fortune may just be your fortune in this fun slot machine that brings a touch of the Middle East to your desktop.

The first thing you'll notice about this slot machine is the well designed graphics all based on an Arabic theme with images of swords, coins, jewels, etc. Great sound effects and traditional Arabic music complete the package. The best thing you can play free slots or you can play for real money.

Sultan's Fortune slot machine
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Sultan's Fortune is a standard three reel single line slot machine with coin denominations from 5 cents to 5 dollars - great for those of use on a budget. Bet the max and turn up three magic hats and you take home the jackpot of 10 000 coins - among the highest in any real money or free slots game.

To play Sultan's Fortune you need to start by choosing your coin denomination. On the left side of your screen click the plus and minus signs to change your coin value.

Now you are ready to bet. Depending on how much you'd like to bet you will click the Bet One button or the Bet Max button. Every click of the Bet One button will increase your wager by one coin. The Bet Max button bets the maximum number of coins, which in this case is only two. The game will spin the reels for you automatically. If you only bet one coin, then you'll need to click Spin to the slot machine arm to spin the reels.

When they stop spinning check the paytable at the top of the machine to see if you have come up with a winning combination. If you have you'll be credited according to the paytable.

I like the free slots option when trying out a new machine. I don't have to risk anything while I get aquainted with the game.

This is nice software to use. The game graphics, play and sounds are all well designed and a joy to use. It really brings the casino atmosphere to your desktop. You can setup your game in just about any configuration you need. Click the options buttons to access options like game speed and full screen mode. The History button comes in handy because it keeps track of the days you play, how much you bet and how much you have won. You may have noticed a chat button near the bottom of the screen. This is not a multi-player game and that is just for communicating with casino administration. If you want to read more about the software itself, just click Help to get the software help file. Want to switch games, click Lobby to go back to the lobby - just make sure you're not in the middle of the game.

I was first enticed to Sultan's Fortune by the jackpot. I like big jackpots and 10,000 coins is what I like to see. I jumped in head first betting the max every time. I still go back and play this one from time to time and I know one day those 10,000 coins will be all mine!

The max bet is just two coins and speed junkies and slow pokes with both enjoy the adjustable speed controls. Free slots or real slots Sultan's Fortune has everything you could want in a slot machine.

You don't need a magic carpet to get to Sultan's Fortune. Just a decent computer and you're on your way to building your own fortune.