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Triple Profits

Let's not kid ourselves. Slot machines are all about the money. What's better than a profit? Triple Profits!

This may seem like your average video slot machine, but don't be fooled. The quality of the game design, the range of options and the potential profit will soon have more friends than you know what to do with.

Triple Profits slot machine
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Triple Profits is a three line, multi reel slot machine that is similar to video poker. On each play, you have the option to hold the symbols you want and spin the rest. Don't forget the hit the paytable button to see how the various symbols payout. This will help you decide which symbols to keep and which to let go.

Players will also appreciate the range of coin denominations from as little as 25 cents to as much as 5 dollars. You have to bet at least one coin on each pay line, so the minimum play will cost you 75 cents. For you high rollers out there you can bet the max on all paylines, but it will cost you about $75 per play. The top prize is 5000 coins, but only if you win with the maximum of five coins on each line.

How To Play

To begin playing you first choose the denomination of coins you want to bet on each round. You do this by clicking the plus and minus signs on the left side.

Then click Bet One or Max Bet to choose the number of coins you want to bet. Every click of the Bet One coin bets one more coin. You can increase your wager to the maximum allowed by click on the Max Bet button. This will be five coins and the reels will spin automatically for you. Don't forget your total bet will be 3 times your bet on one row. On the left of the machine you'll see your credits, your wagers and your wins.

If you haven't clicked Max Bet then click Spin to spin the reels. When the reels stop you can click the ones you want to hold by clicking just below them or clicking on the reels themselves. Then you'll need to click Spin again to spin the ones you haven't chosen to hold.

After the slot machine is done spinning, if you have any winning combinations on any of the rows you'll be paid out according to the payout table. You may view this table at any time by clicking the paytable button. You can flip pages by clicking Next and Back. To close the paytable, click the paytable button again.

Don't forget this slot machine has a bonus round. Hit three piles of dollar bills and you start a bonus game where you select piles of loot to change the balance of the scales.

So, don't just make a profit, make Triple Profits!