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Donald Trump ain't got nothin' on you! This is your chance to join the "millionaire's club" and win a million dollars playing slots. Sound hard - maybe not as hard as you think. You may already be familiar with the web site WinAMillionDollars.com. They've translated this prize winning site into a slots game with one serious jackpot. Somebody's going to win, why not you?"

WinAMillionDollars.com slot machine
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How To Play

To play and win a million dollars (or some other great prizes) you should know this game is a bit different from other five reel games. Instead of spinning each of the symbols change to the card back image. The card back image then clips to show the symbol where the reel stopped.

There are two different ways to turn on paylines. The number of active paylines increases by one whenever the Bet One button is clicked. If all paylines are active and Bet One is clicked, the number of active paylines resets to one. The Bet One button is always available regardless of the balance or credits a player has in the machine.

Payline may also be selected by clicking the payline indicators. These are on the left and right of the wheel house. All the pay lines to and including the line associated with the indicator are active when a play clicks a payline indicator. The rest of the paylines are turned off.

The player can also select paylines by clicking on the payline indicators, which are located to the left and right of the wheelhouse. If the player clicks on a payline indicator, then all of the paylines up to and including the line associated with the indicator are turned on. All other paylines are turned off.

Hit spin and take your chances with lady luck. When the reels stop, the combination of symbols along each payline is check by the game and paid out according to the payout table. If you get three brief cases on an enabled payline, you start a feature bonus round. If you hit the jackpot to take home a cool 1 million dollars. The next highest payout is 15 thousand coins. You can bet on lines anywhere from 25 cents to 5 dollars. In order to win a million dollars you must bet the max coin and max line.

This is one of the most popular video slots machine because of it low cost per play and potential for huge profits. So, now you've won a million dollars, now what? When you hit the mother load and win a million dollars you'll get a cash payment of $250, 000. You'll get a guaranteed payment of $50, 000 per year for 15 years after the first payment. Nice. Good luck and don't forget us little people when you hit the big time!