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Casino War

Casino War is one of the simplest card games you'll find in a casino. The cards a ranked according to their poker value with ace being the highest card.

The game played in casinos was developed many years ago by a man named Dave Sugar and is marketing through a company call BET Technology of Carson City, Nevada.

How To Play

Casino War is played with a total of six decks of cards. All cards are ranked as in poker and aces are high. Suit doesn't matter. Each player and the dealer gets one card after all players have placed wager.

The dealer deals one card to the player and then to themselves. If the player's card is better than the dealer's card the player wins and is paid out 1 to 1. If the dealer's card is better then the player looses. If both cards are equal the player may choose to lose half their bet or choose to go to "war" with the dealer. The player may also choose an optional side bet that pays 10 to 1 that the two initial cards will tie.

If the player chooses war, they must double their bet. The dealer will then discard or "burn" three cards before dealing another two cards, one to the player and one to themselves.

If the player wins or ties the dealer, the player is paid even money and the original bet is a push. If the dealer wins, the player loses their original and subsequent bet.

At some casinos such as Casino Niagara and the Mirage, if a player gets a tie after a tie it will result in a bonus the same amount as the original wager. Casino Niagara says a raise pays 3:1 but the original bet loses. This is the same thing, mathematically speaking, that is.

Some games will allow you to surrender, losing half of your original bet.


The house advantage in Casino War if you go to war on a tie is 2.88%. If you surrender on a tie, the house advantage is 3.7%. If you bet on ties, the house advantage is 18.65%.

House advantage:
Go to war on ties: 2.88%
Surrender on ties: 3.7%
Bet on ties: 18.65%


Some have suggested gaining an edge by keep track of the cards played. The composition of the deck does matter. If the dealer dealt every card except a bunch of card of equal rank, you would have an idea how to play the next hand because to matches in a row would come up. This isn't easy as a player would have to keep count for all 13 ranks and find a situation when the remaining cards in the deck has only a few sets of a large number of cards ranked the same. Many see this as not being worth the time.