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Beat The Casino

Ever wonder why when you go to a casino to gamble you sometimes win, but mostly lose? If the players always beat the casino, then casinos would quickly go out of business. Everyone knows that in every casino game the house has a larger edge than the players. But, this isn't the only reason why you keep losing. People have tried all kinds of systems and things like card counting. These things will sometimes give you an edge, you should also be aware of the following:

Free alcohol - casinos offer up all kinds of free drinks to keep your senses dulled and your judgment impaired.

Half-naked women - There's nothing like a bunch of beautiful women wearing next to nothing to throw any guy off his game.

Winning noises - All those bells and ringing of slot machines give you a false sense of hope. If people are winning then you can too!

Lights - Casinos try to create an environment that will make you lose track of time. You won't see any windows while you are gambling and there are no clocks. You'll play longer if you don't know what time it is or see it getting dark outside.

Air - Casinos actually pump oxygen into their establishments to give patrons a buzz, make them feel better and play longer.

Casinos spend tons of money each year studying how environment affects their customers. Casinos want to know how things like smell, lighting and even interior design affect their patrons and manipulate those factors to keep people gambling. Anyone wanting to beat the casino should be aware of these things.

If you want to gamble and don't want to be influence by casino "tricks" such as these you should consider gambling online.

Alcohol - No one is pushing drinks on you. You decide if you want to go get a beer.

Sounds - You can turn off the sound on your computer. You're emotions will be less influenced by sound and be able to think clearer.

Women - You can rid your self of most distractions by turning off the TV and telling your girlfriend to put her clothes on.

Windows - Most people have windows which will help give you a sense of time. Plan to spend a set amount of time gambling online and stick to it.

Online gambling seems to make a lot more sense than casino gambling. It's not necessarily easier to beat the casino, but, if you're looking for entertainment there is something to be said for the atmosphere of a land based casino. If you are looking for a way to beat the dealer and increase your bankroll, you may be better off without the distractions of a casino and play online. There is also the convenience factor. Not everyone lives near a casino and some have to travel many hours to find one. Online gambling makes it available just about anywhere.