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Casino Security:
A Gambling Survival Guide

There are a lot worse things that can happen to you at a casino than losing your money. Here are a few gambling tips and information on casino security to help you protect yourself and your bankroll.

Watch your pocket. Never keep your wallet in your back pocket. Keep it in a pocket that button on the front of your shirt. Some even keep a dummy wallet with fake paper money in their back pocket.

Watch where you put your purse. Never leave it on the floor. Keep it strapped securing around your shoulder. Some tables have a place to wrap your purse straps around. You could also leave your purse on your lap with your hand on it. Never make it easy for a thief to grab your purse. Many women get small pocketbooks to carry instead of purses. You can strap these to your arm under your coat. You could even try carrying three decoy pocketbooks to confuse a thief.

Watch your chips. When stacking or racking your chips keep the highest denominations in the middle. Trade in some larger chips for lower one you can keep on the outside ends. Sometime thieves try to steal chips at craps tables when a player is shooting. They won't bother if they can't easily get to the big one chips.

Watch the watchers. If someone watching behind you seems to be getting to close, ask the floorperson to ask them to move back. This draws attention to the potential thief who will quickly walk away.

Look people in the eyes. Thieves thrive on the face that most people avoid looking at people in the eyes. If you suspect someone is following you, turn and look them in the eye. Looking someone in the eyes can be seen as aggressive and challenging and give the impression you are trying to remember a face - all things a thief wants to avoid and will quickly take off.

Don't get caught alone in an elevator. Don't get in an elevator with someone who makes you uncomfortable in any way.

Keep you back against a wall. When you are in an elevator its always a good idea to try to keep your back against a wall so that you can see everyone. A pocket is easily picked in a crowded elevator.

Keep your hand on your money. If someone bumps into you your first reflex should be to put your hand on your wallet.

Use valet parking. Many a crime has occurred in parking garages. Even if you have to pay for it, you'll be reducing the risk of getting mugged or worse even in seemingly secure parking facilities.

Yell Fire! If you are in the hotel and someone attacks you, yell "fire!" instead of "help!" People are more likely to come running if they think there is a fire.

Knock on doors if you are being followed. Pretend to be lost and start knocking on doors. Someone is bound to come out and the would-be thief will quickly run off.

Don't trust hotel or casino security too much. Even though most casinos and hotels require guests to show a hotel key to be let up the elevators, its quite easy for a thief to get their hands on a hotel key.

If you think someone is following you change your direction and head somewhere else. If they follow you head straight for security. Generally, street criminals look like street criminals, so trust your instincts and act accordingly.

Keep your cash in a safety deposit box at the casino and not in your room.

Get a security escort when you win big. Whether you on your way to the cashier or on your way to the valet parking, get a casino security guard to escort you. It's part of their job and don't forget to tip!

Get and use casino credit. Getting credit at a casino is fairly easy. Credit can be interest-free with anywhere from a week to a month to repay. This way you don't have to worry about your safety carrying around a wad of cash.

Use traveler's checks instead of cash. If you don't want to carry cash or apply for credit carry traveler's checks. If these are lost or stolen you can get your money back.

Watch your game and winning bets. Sometimes neighboring players will grab your winnings at games like craps where the game can get noisy and busy. Make sure you call them on it when it happens. They will probably just say them made a mistake and put them back.

Be wary of aggressive women. You're likely the target of a hooker or crook. Either way you're treading on dangerous ground. You could end up getting robbed or stuck with some horrible disease.

Beware of bathrooms. Since there are no casino security cameras in washrooms, they are a favorite place for thieves to do their dirty work.

If you walk, find out where it is safe. It's not unusual for the neighborhood of a casino to be a scary and dangerous place. If you like to walk, find out from hotel security the areas you should avoid.

Watch out for spilled drinks. One common ploy at casinos is to "accidentally" spill a drink and in the ensuing confusion, grab your chips. If this happens make sure your first reaction is to grab your chips.

Watch your bucket at the slot machines. Slot players can be at risk too. One move by thieves involves one thief engaging the victim in conversation on one side while a second thief grabs loot from your bucket on the other.

Don't trust anybody. A casino attracts all kinds of undesirable sorts. You best defense is to keep your hands on your chips and your eyes on the game. No casino security is perfect, so if you take these few tips into account your casino experience will be much more enjoyable.

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