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Doc Holliday

Born John Henry Holliday in 1852, "Doc" Holliday is the most famous dentist, gunslinger and gambler in American history.

Although he was trained as a dentist, he loved the thrill of the gunfight and gambling table more. After college he hung out his shingle and started his own dental practice. However, Holliday had been diagnosed with consumption and given four years to live. His dental practice steadily declined as a result of his illness and he soon had to find another way to make a living.

Doc Holliday found his natural card playing ability and it became his sole means of support. In the west a gambler needed to be able to protect himself and he became quite skilled with the revolver and his knife. After killing a couple of gamblers in Dallas he moved on drinking, gambling, shooting and stabbing the odd person over gambling disputes.
Doc Holliday
Holliday moved from town to town with a trail of lawmen, marshals, the army, Texas Rangers and citizens hot on his tail. Holliday was said to have no fear of anything. He knew he was condemned to a slow painful death and would have been quite happy if his death was quick and painless.

Doc Holliday could be vicious when he wanted. At one poker game, a town bully sat down to play with Holliday. After each hand, the man would look through the discarded cards. This was strictly against western rules and if anyone did that, they would forfeit the pot. Holliday warned the man twice who ignored him. On the third time Holliday reach for the pot. The man drew a gun, but before he could fire, Holliday completely disemboweled him in one stroke before the man could fire a single shot. Holliday felt invincible, after all, what did he have to lose?

Holliday's once steady love interest was known as Big Nose Kate. She was a dancer and prostitute who was just as stubborn and fearless as she needed. Kate helped Holliday escape from the clutches of the law or the town mob on more than one occasion.

Doc Holliday is well known for being a close friend of Wyatt Earp and joining him in the famed shootout at the OK Corral in 1882. He was wounded in the shootout but recovered. After further adventures he lived out his last days in a sanitarium in Colorado. Doc Holliday died at the age of 35 from tuberculosis.