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Gambling Tips

Nothing's better than some good advice, especially when it comes to gambling. If you follow and live by our little collection of gambling tips you'll have a much better time at the casino, even if you lose.

We've assembled a collection of gambling tips applicable to just about any form of wagering. If you're looking for something beyond our gambling tips and relating to a game, check out our Casino Game Guides for more detailed information.

Watch the dealer, they make mistakes too.

Know when to quit. Quitting ahead is preferred.

Expect to lose. That way when you do you won't feel so bad.

Don't try to impress people by betting big. This is a quick way to end your night.

Don't drink and gamble. You'll need all your faculties if you want to win.

Don't be afraid to make large bets when strategy calls for it.

Don't borrow to gamble. This just compounds your loss when it happens.

Don't draw attention to yourself whether you're winning or losing.

Test customer service of online casinos. Send an email before you sign up.

Play for free online, if you can. It's a good way to learn and practice.

Check to see if the casino is a member of known organizations.

Trust strategy not hunches. Unless you're psychic, strategy is your best bet.

Stick to your budget. Manage your money with discipline.

Keep your eyes and your hands on your money and chips at all times. Thieves like casinos.

Forget betting systems. In the long run the casino will win.

Don't take hedge bets. This reduces your bet and increases house advantage.

Know the rules. Why wager real money when you don't know what you are doing?

Forget side bets. The house edge is too big.

Play nice. Nobody has a good time when table etiquette isn't followed.

Don't bet to recover losses. You'll just lose more.

Don't quit after a win. Keeping playing and winning until you lose, then quit.

Don't bring your credit card, checkbook or debit card with you.

Pay your debts. Keep your honor and respect as a gambler.

Ask around to find a casino to play. Referrals will help steer you away from bad establishments.

Tip the dealer. They make poor wages and it's good to have them on your side.

If its sounds too good to be true, it is.

Got a problem with gambling, seek out Gamblers Anonymous - probably the most important of all our gambling tips.