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Online Casino Comps

Do you keep hearing the term "comps"? It stands for complimentary. Otherwise known as free! Yes, some things in life are free.

The casino business is a competitive one and in order to entice customers, Las Vegas casinos started offering their high rollers freebies like drinks, dinners and tickets to shows.

Casinos have enormous budgets numbering in the millions of dollars devoted to comps programs. A great part of their marketing budget goes to providing complimentary items to both new and veteran players. Casinos will send comps by direct mail, offering all kinds of things to tempt you to come back and enjoy some freebies on them. This is all done to get and keep your business. The lengths that some casinos go to compete for your business is incredible. They use all kinds of marketing activities including scenic attractions, boxing events and famous entertainers.

Players are usually rated and freebies offered accordingly. Of course, it's the high rollers blowing $500 a hand on blackjack that get the best suite in the hotel as a comp. Usually, players betting $10 or $20 a hand for several hours will garner less comps that 2 or 3 hands of blackjack at $1000 or $2000. Also, those who establish credit lines at casinos, tend to fair better receiving casino comps. However, this is dangerous territory to be treading. Be sure you are able to cover your debt!

Just because you are gambling online doesn't mean there are no casino comps to be had. Online casinos are just as competitive as traditional casinos when it comes to player retention. Comps are just one of the things online casinos do to keep their customers coming back.

Sign Up Comps

In an effort to attract new players to an online casino, many establishments are offering sign up bonus's to up to 350%. Usually this means that they will double what ever amount you deposit into your account when you sign up. Some sites require a minimum wager amount before this casino comp is awarded. Some online casinos will hold this money in a separate account to be wagered with but not cashed in. This is a great way for new online gamblers to play for real money, but not they're own.

VIP Clubs

Well that's all fine and dandy for new gamblers, but what about us regulars? Try joining a VIP Club. Many online casinos offer this as a way to keep track of a player's wagers over time and award points according to amounts wagered. One system might award 1 point for every $10 wagered. These points may then be exchanges for cash, gifts, travel or anything else the program offers.

In the end, comps really work to the player's advantage. In the big picture, when everything is totaled at the end of the day, comps are really a way to reduce the house advantage. You should never wager as a way to obtain comps, but you should definitely factor them into your winnings, when you total up your day at any casino!