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System Requirements & Casino Software

Every online casino wants to enable as many people as they can to play online. Most has designed they're software to be compatible with as many computers as possible. Here is an example of the minimum system requirements for your gambling machine posted at one popular casino:

Windows XP/2000/98/95/NT
Pentium 100MHz
SVGA Monitor, 256 colors
At least 60MB free Hard Disk Space
Internet Explorer 6
56k Modem

Of course, a better system will result in a quicker, smoother online gambling experience. These are the requirements for a casino in which you are required to download their software to play. This allows the player's computer to use its resources to offer an impressive and realistic casino experience. One major advantage to downloading the casino software is that players feel more in control of the software and game and tend to return to a casino. This may also help a player earn more complimentary points. Some online casinos offer "no download" options using one of two technologies - Flash or Java.

If you are playing at a casino uses Java, then you don't need to install anything, it comes as part of Windows and you are good to go. One major drawback about Java is the quality of the graphics. Java revolutionized online gambling, in that, players could jump from site to site playing and not having to download casino software which would take up memory and hard disk space.

You may be required to install the free Flash player if you've never used a Flash-based web site before. The graphics in Flash games are usually quite smooth, and its only drawback is that you may be required to install the Flash player on your system.

Sites requiring you to download their software used to require their players to download the entire package, as much as 15 megabytes. This contained everything players needed to play any and every game offered. On some systems this could take up to an hour to download. Today, you'll find most online casinos have streamlined their casino software downloads, requiring you to only download those components you need right now and more later, if needed. Now players can download the basic software and a couple of games in a mere 4 megabytes. If they want to install more games later they just need to click a link in the casino software. Some sites have as many as 100 different games which can now be downloaded as needed.

Some online gambling software may be inhibited by firewall or proxy setups on some connections. If you are having difficulty connecting through the online casino's software look for their help section or contact their customer support.

Don't let the technology deter you from gambling online. If you have a working computer, most online casinos have clear step by step instructions on how to get started. Installation is easier than most software packages. Even if you get stuck, their friendly customer support will have you up and running in no time.